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latest videos are a fast growing and innovative web video production company based in Cheltenham. We create and manage web video that will not only drive targeted traffic to your website and motivate your visitors with rich and engaging content, but now with a range of interactive and revenue-enhancing features, offer them an experience way beyond expectation are a fast growing and innovative web video production company based in Cheltenham. We create and manage web video that will not only drive targeted traffic to your website and motivate your visitors with rich and engaging content, but now with a range of interactive and revenue-enhancing features, offer them an experience way beyond expectation.

With video content being viewed online at an ever increasing rate, it’s now become one of the most important marketing tools in your website’s armoury, if you don’t believe us, let us prove it to you!

Using the latest video platform technology we can also now change your existing videos into highly-targeted marketing tools, with a range of call-to-action features including clickable-linking.

Giving you measurable results from your online video content.

If you are considering the inclusion of video content on your website for perhaps the first time, we are happy to either work with you directly, or we can include your current web designer or developer to help implement this. Whatever your need or budget, outlined below is a glimpse of what we can offer you.

Video Analytics

Real time views per day / hour of day / Per host site / Duration monitoring / Comments per video / Social media sharing / Clickable ad performance

Social Media

Upload video content to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIN with just one click

Video Blogging

Download our free guide to VLOGGING! Create meaningful and optimised video content to help push your website's SEO

Looking to bring your website and brand to life? We produce online videos that show the human side of your business in a dimension you can’t get across any other way. Let us show your customers what you’re really about.

be brave, be you...

Could Video help explain your product better than what your customer receives straight out of the box? Be it putting up a pergola or installing a SSD, giving your customers free video support will warm their hearts and build their trust in you.

video makes things clearer

Our online video platform is the first to offer clickable video, allowing you to create hotspot regions within your video that can then be clicked by your customers to point them to different pages of your website, add products to basket, etc etc.

welcome to the new world...

Using our advanced online Video Platform your content will look its best whatever device, platform or connection your viewers are using. Use custom player, with nobody else’s ads, nobody else’s branding; to drive traffic back to your site with video SEO.

smarter video SEO

Video blogs, or Vlogs, are a fantastic way to generate SEO-rich, interesting content to your website FAST! And why not add some clickable linking at the same time? Phone 01242 300 261 today to find out how you can blog way better than you ever imagined.

fast, fun, & effective

All things digital are essentially combined together to become more powerful as a whole. Your website is still your most important marketing too in your armoury, and that’s what we’ve been doing longest. Head over to our mother site to take a peek.

7 reasons to use web video

why web video should be part of your online marketing strategy.

1. People buy people.

Including video on your website makes it easier for visitors to connect with your company. This is especially true if your video features you or a colleague and can be highly effective if initially just used as a video blog. People buy from people and they love to put a face to a brand. You’ll have the chance to make an instant and meaningful connection and that’s what can lead to increased sales for your business, or matched to whatever your video marketing objectives may be.

2. The format is familiar.

Video is lively and engaging and, importantly, delivers its message in a way most of us are used to receiving information. Years of watching TV and films have conditioned us to receive information visually. Today, it’s common to search for information on YouTube and other video sharing websites. So for your business, it makes sense to have information available via your own managed web video channel.

3. Web video is sticky.

Web video is what marketers call “sticky content” – that crucial element that extends the duration of website visits and makes those visits more meaningful and more likely to generate enquiries or sales results. What’s more, your videos can be accessed 24/7, which is especially important if your business appeals to a global market.

4. Web video can benefit your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Web video is fast becoming a key component in the search engine results battle. Video sites such as YouTube often appear on page 1 of Google and these video sharing sites can be optimised to benefit your content exposure. By creating video content, uploading where appropriate to YouTube and maximising its keyword potential with descriptions, tags etc, businesses and brands can help to boost their position in the search engine rankings. With effective content management, both on your site and via YouTube etc, you can begin to increase your page and domain authority – and drive more traffic to your site.

5. Web video is a great communication tool.

The engagement web video provides to its audience can not only create better conversion, but an overall better communication and understanding between business and client. Double Click reported that viewers favoured the brands and businesses with web video more than those without, because of the clear communication the videos could provide. Video also provides a great platform to add life to your blogs.

6. Web video can enhance your ‘social’ engagement.

The influence of social media makes itself felt across business, and you should certainly have a presence on those sites. But written content alone isn’t enough to capture the attention of consumers and prospective business partners; not when there are so many other fan and business pages competing for their attention. Linking to web video from your social networking pages gets people immediately interested and engaged; the result being increased brand awareness and more click-through to your website.

7. Web video can capture and re-purpose multiple events.

You can also use web video in other settings, such as conferences, trade shows, or education and training. Video can also demonstrate how a product or service can solve a particular problem, and if you’re targeting consumers it can even go viral.

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